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The Posh Bird

The posh bird only went to the best parks and gardens. To keep herself in shape, she flew every day between London and the countryside. In London...

New Lines Added

I was on my way home and I heard some nice noise coming from above so I looked up and I saw two girls on the roof of a rather decent Haussmann. It...

Affecting people

We don’t know how we affect people and I wasn’t listening to the radio I was filling the dishwasher but then this voice came on talking about a girl...

I can save it

At suppertime on New Year’s Eve over clams and mussels and sheep’s jowls a friend of a friend remarked with a wry smile how he and our like had spent...

Don't get too happy

The night before in Belfast, he’d won £600 on a nag called War of The Jonnys in the 6.55 at Clonmel. Having missed the race talking to a man in the...