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I’ve just come back from hospital and they’re still completely clueless about what’s wrong with me. Dr Jameson reckons I need more medication and Dr...

Tres Bagos part 2

Earlier on I’d noticed a pair of flip flops that someone had left behind. The beach was deserted by then so I ambled over to have a look but as I was...

Tres Bagos part 1

It was the last full day of our week in Lisbon, a sunny Monday, so we booked a table for lunch at a fish restaurant on an isolated beach. The train...

The hairbrush

Twinned with its French counterpart now a ghost town and a bombed-out German city believed by some to be the birthplace of Nazism, affluent English...
Gold cherry

Because I can

Because I can I am smoking in bed way past midnight. I am smoking in bed and I have no work tomorrow or the next day and I have just eaten a streaky...