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The Church of Lost Souls 4

Looking forward to tomorrow I started to relax. Fabrizio and his friends joked around as I happily observed my surroundings. Just before the food...

The Church of Lost Souls 3

It could have got sticky with the truck driver and, again, Dad had rubbed my nose in it for good measure. I didn’t know how to reconcile the events...

The Church of Lost Souls 2

Back in the courtyard, the old man had left his chair. I went straight through the joke shop, from where I thanked the American girl and scurried to...
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The Church of Lost Souls

I couldn’t stay much longer. Rome’s an unforgiving city and it will spit you out the moment you’ve spent your last lira unless you don’t mind...


I’ve just come back from hospital and they’re still completely clueless about what’s wrong with me. Dr Jameson reckons I need more medication and Dr...