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The Church of Lost Souls 10

‘This is too weird,’ said Paolo, making a sign to Maurizio for a beer. ‘Do you guys want one?’ Sofia took an espresso and I had my usual small...

The Church of Lost Souls 9

The moment I woke up, my eyes pinged open and my left hand reached down to pick up my shorts. Fingering its way to the back pocket I pushed open the...

The Church of Lost Souls 8

I drank very occasionally in those days and even then it would be just the one beer or a glass of wine if I had to. Alcohol had always disappointed...

The Church of Lost Souls 7

‘Look,’ I told Paolo, ‘if you don’t believe me, let’s go to the police and ask them. I swear I have nothing to do with that girl’s death.’ And then...

The Church of Lost Souls 6

When I woke up I knew I wouldn’t get the job. I’m not sure how I knew but when I asked the owner if I could use the phone I was ready for the bad...