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The Church of Lost Souls 15

When we got back to the tent Sofia started talking about the bones and skulls that the Church of Purgative Souls had dug up and blessed, one by one...

The Church of Lost Souls 14

I was in a bit of a huff when we left the library. Sofia hadn’t been unkind. In fact she’d been very balanced and restrained in revealing the death...

The Church of Lost Souls 13

Obviously, Sofia got her way but only on the strict proviso that if anything started to go remotely wrong we’d turn back. On the way to The Vatican...

The Church of Lost Souls 12

I thought about Mum as I went to sleep. If I’d told her about what was really going on she’d have been beside herself and demanded my return. It was...

The Church of Lost Souls 11

I slumped onto the bed, my fingers loosely holding the note in a sort of dazed confusion. I wondered what she could possibly want. I was an art...