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The Church of Lost Souls 19

I got up and put my clothes from last night back on, then I thought about my things in the room at the campsite. There was no rush. I could always...

The Church of Lost Souls 18

As we got up I noticed how forlorn Jesus looked. With the fizz and the heat of the oven several chunks of curled up paint had fallen from his face,...

The Church of Lost Souls 17

While she was brushing my hair, Sofia talked about herself for what seemed like the very first time. She was indeed a very private person. She´d been...

The Church of Lost Souls 16

I knew they were up to something. As the insurance company was close to the bus depot they´d arrived and gone straight to the joke shop, where they...

The Church of Lost Souls 15

When we got back to the tent Sofia started talking about the bones and skulls that the Church of Purgative Souls had dug up and blessed, one by one...