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Lifes layers lay low beneath brown soil and silver stone foundations laid down so long ago by philosopher kings and warrior poets of old Idyllic icons in ancient robes

I shall fly

Anchor not my feet to the land If I should fly upon the morrow from my bed and out the window I shall be prepared I've packed my wears I am not afraid of the sky, nor the clouds,

A christmas tree's christmas

the christmas tree filled the room from floor to ceiling wall to wall dying slowly in a pail like old fashions at the mall gifts a plenty at his feet piling higher week by week

the plains

rich and intelligent the grass stretches to the horizon green blends with brown a distant herd of bison brilliant flowers dot the plain down by a trickling stream all beneath the eye

born to music again

woke up again in a mood never saw you last night its true turned the radio on looking for our song couldn't find it been to long turned the dial found another its just mine