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I have 77 stories published in one collection on the site.
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Ian McLachlan

"The function of the artist is to be the joker in the pack."
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My stories

14. Poetic licence

At Barfly you tweet to your two-hundred-odd followers. A manga character with blue hair is lipping the mic. She has Genius scrawled in marker on her...

13. Here

When from your crate you burst that had borne you by road, by rail, by water to Queenhithe, to the city’s spectacular disregard, a drudge’s life, by...

12. Man-that-was

Proofing a project plan quite meaningless behind its business blag, the still office punctuated by drugged sighs, through the after-lunch sludge you...

11. Scholomance

Off the dark lake the mist rises & the Scholomance group meets. Two hundred invitees. Billionaires? Neoliberal grandees? Or, as the conspiracy...

10. N43

Riding the night bus back to your red-curtained studio, mud skies, streetlights like lit Gauloises, Got a smoke? a white boy asks, & idly on the...