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I have 77 stories published in one collection on the site.
My stories have been read 45440 times and 70 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Ian McLachlan

"The function of the artist is to be the joker in the pack."
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My stories

24. The Trial

Why should the world sit in judgement on you? Its social contract was a cage, kept men like song birds. You served liberty. As it is the nature of...

23. Taken

He rides in the back with the other unnamed noblemen because to them he’s the same. It’s like Bastille Day, but he’s in a police van, siren sawing,...

22. Burn

You turned a brood of skivers & hair-washers into No Reflection ; now they want to self-manage. Like an undertaker you beat their door. Invited...

21. Vanity project

Chill hands gripping an iron bar, you deadlift while a man with Gone Too Far tattooed on his deltoid stares at himself in the mirror. Live fast, die...
Gold cherry

20. Blue movie

Red-lipped, West End bound, hunting a girl with a pulse, he startles No Reflection , out on a bender, already sun-bleary, despite Factor 50, Ray-Bans...