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I have 77 stories published in one collection on the site.
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Ian McLachlan

"The function of the artist is to be the joker in the pack."
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The Lie

You claimed I’d come back in the fishing boat alone, greased with the old man’s blood him slit open, tossed overboard, gnawed by seals. No, I said...


First time I handled a gun I got a hard-on; I was eleven. You’re not a man till you’ve dropped someone. Dash my name in red I’m a celebrity heads...


In her scoop backed up by amp cans like jet engines she has killed the digital hive, floats elbow-length black gloves Hebe’s a DJ dropping the needle...
Gold cherry


Cruising the alien precincts: blue signs, subways; trucks shudder past. Slowing for directions, Are you going that way too? Cut. This waxed cloth we...

Nicocreon of Cyprus

The tyrant Nicocreon called me from updating Access spreadsheets. I was blue, semi-conscious while the temp, maddened by our bewildered clients, spat...