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I have 77 stories published in one collection on the site.
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Ian McLachlan

"The function of the artist is to be the joker in the pack."
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You were chill in London and in Bologna chill at the office chill at home thinking about it chill as a needle dipped in mercury. Chill in the summer...


Plastic Bones is a skeleton; tangerine shirt bulging sockets a full jaw of teeth for smiling, he refuses to get by on the surface strips to the...


Downing the capsule Tuesday, in moon boots I breast the 9-to-5 wave headset prompting breathe . @ianjmclachlan

26. Turning point

Loitering by the park gate, closing time, as if waiting for someone, black fields lapped by car headlights, he's waiting for you. Can't be more than...

25. John Doe

They feed you blood from a machine are kind, want to know about you. They feed you contaminated blood sometimes. Then you see heaven in the sulphur...