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Ian McLachlan

"The function of the artist is to be the joker in the pack."
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His turban, shirt reeked of fish, fig-eyed, a crinkled, sun-ripened face and gap-toothed smile, he was an old, poor river man presenting to the...

London loves

We had chosen to be free the mattress, sheets bleary with Silk Cut's spoilt-milk odour stalks poking the whelked cement capped by tiny purple flowers...

Street elf

Cycling your mean accounts and hit counts on iPhone blue nausea analytics of the same old thing when dusk comes light laving the grey flats a crack...
Gold cherry

The Flight

We journey light, no goods to load us down, a thousand strong, blend with the shadows in the dusty fields, on the dry plain, where no cicadas saw...

The Bees

Twenty-four, an education and a hundred grand owed snails, the loans we once shifted were our homes. Now we plug in, pedal rented lives, no hands on...