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Hi, my name is Charlene, or Char. I'm a really huge fan of Harry Potter, which has inspired me to write my own story set in a magic school. I mention Harry Potter in my story. My character's opinions are not my personal opinions. Apart from when they say Harry Potter is brilliant :)

My stories

Lenny Mass's Branhal School Diary - Tuesday 2 December

Tuesday 2 December: Nettie wasn't covered in chickenpox today. She told me on the bus that it disappeared last night as quickly as it appeared...

Lenny Mass's Branhal School Diary - Monday 1 December

Monday 1 December: I got on the bus this morning, and sat, like I always did, next to Nettie. I turned to say good morning, and nearly jumped. My...

Lenny Mass's Branhal School Diary - Sunday 30 November

Sunday 30 November: I've not been writing in this diary for the past week. We've had so much homework, that I've had to abandon my diary to get it...

Lenny Mass's Branhal School Diary - Tuesday 25 November

Tuesday 25 November We didn't have any of our usual teachers today. At form time, there was no Mrs Burns. Instead, there was a tall, glaring woman...

Lenny Mass's Branhal School Diary - Monday 24 November

Monday 24 November Me and Nettie walked into our form room this morning to the sound of clapping. "It's two of the heroes!" One of the Adams shouted...