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Hi, my name is Charlene, or Char. I'm a really huge fan of Harry Potter, which has inspired me to write my own story set in a magic school. I mention Harry Potter in my story. My character's opinions are not my personal opinions. Apart from when they say Harry Potter is brilliant :)

My stories

Lenny Mass's Branhal School Diary - Monday 3 November

Monday 3 November Wow, that week went by quick! In English, we have moved onto the topic of literature about witches and wizards written by witches...

Lenny Mass's Branhal School Diary - Friday 24 October

Friday 24 October After the events of last week, school's become boring. Well, not really, if you count the fact that me, Nettie and the twins are...

Lenny Mass's Branhal School Diary - Wednesday 15 October

Wednesday 15 October I went to the Branhals' office at lunchtime with the twins. While Mr Branhal simply said hello, and carried on with his...

Lenny Mass's Branhal School Diary - Tuesday 14 October

Tuesday 14 October These are the events that happened yesterday. Nettie sat next to me on the bus home, and told she was glad to be away from...

Lenny Mass's Branhal School Diary - Monday 13 October

Monday 13 October I sat next to Nettie when I got the bus that morning. As I sat down, I whispered: "Nettie Scoot. D irfen. Nefrid nerfid." "Huh,...