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Hi, my name is Charlene, or Char. I'm a really huge fan of Harry Potter, which has inspired me to write my own story set in a magic school. I mention Harry Potter in my story. My character's opinions are not my personal opinions. Apart from when they say Harry Potter is brilliant :)

My stories

Lenny Mass's Branhal School Diary - Tuesday 30 September

Tuesday 30 September Today something really weird happened. I got on the school bus this morning, and sat next to Nettie as usual. She asked if I was...

Lenny Mass's Branhal School Diary - Monday 29 September

Monday 29 September Michelle came back today. Everybody in our class refused to make eye contact. The people who had to sit next to her moved their...

Lenny Mass's Branhal School Diary - Sunday 28 September

Sunday 28 September Nettie came back to school the following Monday. Everybody was excited to see her. It's been bliss, two weeks without Michelle...

Lenny Mass's Branhal School Diary - Wednesday 10 September

Wednesday 10 September Went to visit Nettie today. The twins live in the village next to the school, so their dad picked me up on their way to the...

Lenny Mass's Branhal School Diary - Tuesday 9 September

Tuesday 9 September - 2:29 AM I can't sleep - worried and can't stop thinking about poor Nettie :( 11:30 PM It was strange not having Nettie at...