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Sheep Without a Shepherd (Extract from my debut novel)

Hey Everyone I wanted to share this sample chapter from the audiobook of my debut novel A Working Class State of Mind. I was really pleased with the...

Death Becomes Him - Part 5

‘’Awrite… Jesus’’ concedes, Craigy. Ah pick up the notepad and pen that’s restin oan the side table. ‘’Right, lads’’ ah tell thum. ‘’We need tae pit...

Death Becomes Him - Part 4

Ah bow tae the temptation ae firin oan the laptop again. Ah need tae git massel a clearer understandin ae ma prognosis. Tae say that ah’m fucked is a...

Death Becomes Him - Part 3 (Final/ Part 4 and 5 will be posted tomorrow)

Apparently, dug walkin is the foondation fur gid physical and mental health. A magic cure that wid even pit Charlie Sheen oan the pathwey tae sanity...

Death Becomes Him - Part 2

Before oor tears even dry oan the Kleenex. Wull baith be magically transformed intae an emotional wreck. A waterfall ae water fae oor bloodshoat eyes...