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Class Treason

Aldo, and Craigy, are baith sat oan the vomit worthy, cream leather couch. Craigy looks sober, likes. But its clear yae cannae say the same hing...

The Scottish Cultural Cringe

The Scottish Cringe as described by Beveridge and Turnbull (1989) refers to the Scots lacking personal and political confidence in their ability to...

Ordinary Criminals - Part 2

Ma direct approach seems tae huv unnerved him, ‘’Mr Cooper’’ he says ‘’I’ve been made aware of your situation. I don’t appreciate that use of...

Ordinary Criminals - Part 1

Ma postie came boondin along the road theday wae a skip in his step, and a smile that mighta lit up the Vegas strip. It doesnae matter if it’s a hoat...

There's nothing more dangerous to power than a working class person with a thirst for knowledge

It was a very proud day for both myself and my family when I was accepted to study BSc (Hons) Public Sociology at Queen Margaret University in...