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My stories have been read 552 times and 4 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Bunuel’s Safe Spaces With No Exits (Ft. Steven Wilson’s Harmony Korine)

In placid lone islands, six feet socially distanced, with no exits we reside, feeling the way the eyes of tornadoes must feel, there’s no sound to...


I catch a whiff of bitter almonds, the eyes that mock me sign the way, as I sigh in search of lost time in Bahnhofstraße Saarbrücken. Our discussions...
Gold cherry

Noirish Delirium

Lights a cigarette as the man in a fedora leans closer to the woman in a crimson kimono who smells of rye with a twist. Auguste Dupine walks in,...

The Impostor

I look at this stranger from my mullioned windows, as he wipes his forehead with a scarlet tissue and searches his wallet, tattered and mended, to...