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Jessie G

Jessie G We met a gorgeous little girl… when she was only three She had lovely, sparkly big brown eyes… and hair down to her knee She was quiet and...

A Tribute to George

George Edward Beer He was born in nineteen thirty… and was ten during the blitz He found a lovely silky shirt… from a house that was in bits With a...

The Golden Couple ( a 50th wedding anniversary tribute)

The Golden Couple T he year was nineteen sixty three ... it was fifty years ago It started with the “big freeze” ... with lots of ice and snow Then...

When Linda retired from work

Linda As your retirement is upon us… let’s look back at the past You’ve worked here for a dozen years… those years have gone so fast You started as...

Mother in law's wedding

My Mum is getting married. I know you may be wondering, why I’m standing here today Well, I’m honoured and I’m privileged, to give my mum away I know...


1 of my comments has received 1 Great Feedback vote

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