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I have 419 stories published in 11 collections on the site.
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Graham Fewell


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One Way Ticket

I am writing as a man in his mid--sixties who simply wants to say 'thank you' for my time here on this planet...

The Wee Small Hours

The Wee Small Hours It seems that the night and darkness in general are dominating my memories and my writing at the moment. I suppose it’s only...

Stonehenge 1965

It's only just occurred to me how fitting this piece is for several of the recent 'Inspiration Point's' So I guess I am looking at Stonehenge from several perspectives.I is true to say that as a young boy the exeprience that day/early morning was to change me forever....forest_for_ever! The image above is actually a clrcke of stones near Chippping Norton.....I didn't have a camera back in 1965!

Excuse Me Was That An Angel?

It took me a long time to learn of someone's true identity...