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I have been passionate about writing for many years. I mainly do poems and short pieces. Any feedback would be most welcome.

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Loss is a ravenous inferno And I sit surrounded, by gasoline soaked memories Each time one is exposed, it is kissed by the fire, then a piece of me...

Searching still

I am a man of faith, but it is a thing constantly assailed Answers I have not one, despite drowning in questions Like any one desperate, I wish to...

I the beholder

How to gift the world beauty, when it possesses so many eyes Each already colored its favorite shade What of the ones who look aside Will not their...

Knights of shame

Must it be so bright That it blinds The armor, that is wrapped around you The pride that gilds it, shines like a beacon Oh how tall you sit, on that...

Must you:

always stand there as life dances by to shy to join to bold to hide wear that false smile showing the world lies such a pretty mask that fails at...


1 of my comments has received 1 Great Feedback vote

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The title made me curious. I

Posted on Thu, 18 May 2017

The title made me curious. I am glad that I checked it out. Sounds like a good life shared with great friends. May the rich moments of your lives be only half gathered.

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