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iThink the other day going to work the tube was packed i mean rammed and someone grabbed me bum but I couldn’t tell who i got off and as the train...


Need some help please. Why is there line spaces; of thrones/dragons and shags where they shouldn't be. Tried lots of things but nothing seems to work...


iTippytoes red and yellow and pink and blue i can make up songs about my shoes and why not my friends think i’m mental ‘cos i give ‘em names but i’m...

i Hate Me

i Hate Me So Paul calls me his goddess says he worships me says I’m perfect. He’s become my Stepford wife. If this is true love it makes me feel sick...


iAmazonian never let it be said drew don't do shops 'cos it's what i do best my passion my hobby it's what i live for but i ain't going out there to...