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June 17, 2021 Corona Log Entry

June 17, 2021- Corona Log Entry It is a cool 48 degrees and sunny here in Western New York. Much of the country is sweltering in 90-degree heat. We...

Corona Log Entry May 26,2021

Corona Log Entry- May 26, 2021 It is in the seventies today and sultry here in Western New York. Rain storms are sweeping across the northern tier of...

When the Rain Falls

When the Rain Falls It is the beginning, of the first line of lyrics, to a favored Beatle’s tune. The phrase always makes me smile in remembrance. I...

Corona Log Entry- May 7,2021

Corona Log Entry- May 7, 2021 It is a broiling-hot day here in SW Florida. Temperatures have climbed into the 90’s (F) for the last several days. We...

First Holy Communion

From " A Piece of the Banner" One of the major spiritual responsibilities of the nuns was to indoctrinate us in the mysteries of the Catholic...