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Corona Log Entry October 22, 2021

Corona Log Entry- October 22, 2021 It was a balmy morning here in Southwest Florida. We had started out riding our bikes at 8 A.M. The temperature...

The final passage of parents

The final passage of parents Two of my older sisters are currently housed in rehab and nursing facilities. Their conditions continue to improve, so...

Corona Log Entry- Sept. 28, 2021

Corona Log Entry- Sept. 28, 2021 It is a cool and sunny day here in Western New York. The 48 degree (F) temps this morning augur the arrival of Fall...

The River of Time

Calendars chart the River of Time The River of Time keeps on flowing along. It is probably a song lyric someplace. I have just forgotten where. I had...

Corona Log Entry- 9/8/21

Corona Log Entry- September 8, 2021. (8/9/21) It is a sunny and cool morning here in Western New York. Hurricanes and raging rain storms are still...