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The Vaccine Hunger Games

The Vaccine Hunger Games In the year of our Lord, 2020, the Earth was stricken with a great plague called “The Corona Virus.” Originating in Wuhan,...

Corona Log Feb 11, 2021

Corona Log- Thursday, February 11, 2021 A sea-fog covered much of SW Florida this morning. Temperatures had soared into the mid-eighties range...

Yarc and the culture of boot licking

YARC and the culture of boot looking A friend of ours, in the Spring Run Complex in Florida from Massachusetts, gave me this pearl of an acronym. “...

River of Grass

Drifting Through a River of Grass About 35 miles east of Bonita Springs, Florida, sits the small agricultural community of Immokalee. A population of...

Corona Log Entry- January 26, 2021

Corona Log Entry- January 26, 2021 We started out the day in SW Florida with a heavy coastal fog in the early morning. Then, as the mist dissipated,...