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9/11/01- A Buffalo Remembrance

9/11- A Buffalo Remembrance They came by the thousands to stand silently in the cool, September's night air. They were searching for something that...

9/11 plus 20 years

“ A Terrible Resolve ” On September 11 th , 2001 the world, as we know it, turned upside down in America. Our concept of personal security and...

Sic Transit Gloria (fame is fleeting)

Fame An outsized statue, standing tall It sits in a park or monument hall. It speaks of valor in times now past. I wonder how long the memory can...

Celebrating women in the workforce

International Women’s Day is celebrated annually. It is a fitting celebration for the most important person in most of our lives. Wife, mother, aunt...
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Corona Log Entry - August 20, 2021

Corona Log Entry- Friday, August 20 th , 2021 It is a beautiful summer morning, here in the Miami of the North, Buffalo, N.Y. Temperature are in the...