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I have 623 stories published in one collection on the site.
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Joseph Xavier Martin

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A Specter of Evil

A specter of evil visits. A Specter of evil settled upon Buffalo on Friday. In person, it was a deranged teenager who dressed up like a combatant and...
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Corona Log- 3 May, 2022- final entry

Corona Log- Tues, May 3, 2022- Final Entry It is a sultry 92 degrees (F) here in SW Florida. I had started the day out with a congregation, of...

Grand Opera

When Grand Opera isn’t. The Magic of a successful, grand opera is a mystical experience. It is a poly-euphony of melodious orchestral pieces, the...

The Beachers

The Beachers In the 1830’s, Buffalo Mayor Samuel Wilkeson coordinated the erection of the stone “break-wall,” just off the mouth of Buffalo Creek, to...

Chasing Moonshiners

It was the surprisingly loud and unexpected explosion, that accompanied the shattering of my rear windshield, that gave me the first indications that...