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Corona Log Entry 8/2/22

Corona Log Entry- February 8, 2022 It is a cool and foggy morning here in SW Florida. A cold front is just blowing through the area, dropping...

Kabuki Theater or The Twilight Zone?

Kabuki Theater or the Twilight Zone? Various media sources have attempted to parse the meaning, of former President Trump’s -Kabuki performances in...

Corona Log -14/1/22

Corona Log Entry- January 14, 2022 It is a sunny and cool day here in S.W. Florida. Temps are in the low seventies. A cold front is coming that will...

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King Day Martin Luther King Day is celebrated every January 15th in America as a national holiday. Most people like me, who are of a...

Nassau, Bahamas

Sunday, December 26, 2021 Nassau, Bahamas We were up early this morning. At 5:30 A.M., we could just see the sky coloring, with the rose of predawn...