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The Hall of Legends Cooperstown is a small, rural village in upstate New York, just South of Utica. The rolling hills and well-ordered farms, that...

Corona Log Entry March 21, 2022

Corona Log Entry- March 21, 2022 It is a cool, 62-degree morning here in SW Florida. The winds are brisk, with 23 mph gusts. It is a nice change from...

Florida Keys

Wed. March 2, 2022- Estero, Florida. We had arisen early, on this sunny Florida morning in Winter. We were headed south and east to the Florida Keys...

Coffee Solutions

At our Spring Run Golf complex, in southwest Florida, we have a wonderful forum for discussion. Every weekday, at 9 A.M., several individuals gather...

Nurturing yields a riper harvest

I never really thought much about cows and the milk that they produce. I guess I have always known in the abstract that the two were related. It is...