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I have 477 stories published in one collection on the site.
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Joseph Xavier Martin

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Talking with the spirits

Conversations with the disembodied Whenever you start off an article like this, people roll their eyes and say “Oh, boy. Here we go! “But, you can...

A Day Interrupted- part II

The follow up medical routine wasn’t quite so cheery. A 12-day, after appt. with an orthopedist, confirmed that the accident had indeed caused bone...

A Day Interrupted

A Day Interrupted The day started out innocently enough. It was late November in Florida. We were headed to the CME-LPGA golf tournament at the...


In Celebration of Thanksgiving As Thanksgiving Day approaches, our thoughts turn fondly to family dinners, funny looking turkeys, football games and...

Country Justice

Country Justice Fifty years of keeping daily logs can draw up a wealth of stories. This particular remembrance occurred during the early seventies,...