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Journeys the mind world over

Journeys the mind world over Books are a passport for me to the ages. When I see one standing upon a library or bookstore shelf, I think of the many...

Corona Log Entry March 27, 2021

Corona Log Entry – Sat. March 27, 2021 It is a sunny and bucolic morning here in SW Florida. The temps will rise to a toasty 90 degrees this...

Viva San Giuseppe

Viva San Giuseppe Every year, on March 19 th in Italy, is celebrated the feast of St. Joseph. In particular, Sicilians revere him. In centuries past...

Corona Log Entry 3/12/21

Corona Log Entry - Friday, March 12, 2021- It was a cool 56 degrees out this morning, as we headed over to the Walmart Store in Sebring, Fl. We had a...

Corona Log- Wed. February 24, 2021

Corona Log- Wed. Feb. 24, 2021 It is a delightfully cool 62 degrees, here in SW Florida this morning. The heat will be returning in a few days, so we...