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I have 477 stories published in one collection on the site.
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Joseph Xavier Martin

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Hooray for scribblers !

Most reasonably intelligent people, who have a good education, are capable of expressing themselves well in written form. Many choose not to because...

Memory's magic carpet ride

Tuesday, April 1, Auckland, New Zealand We were up by 7 A.M. and made ready for the day. The Federal Deli called to us and we stopped in for bagel...

Elizabethan Resolve

I watched Elizabeth II give an address this afternoon. She was trying to stiffen the resolve of both Britain and her common wealth allies. This...

Yes, I hear you little one

Yes, I hear you little one I see the people standing on the sidewalk below me looking, always looking, at the flowing lines and interesting facade of...

Cycling in Alaska

Cycling in Anchorage, Alaska “ Pablo’s,” at Fifth and “ L “streets in Anchorage, Alaska has all of the new high -tech racing bikes. We signed up for...