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Joseph Xavier Martin

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Christmas Magic

The Magic of Christmas The magic of Christmas is an often-elusive concept that can elude the sophisticated. Life sometimes conditions those of us “on...

Humor in adversity

Space Age Prosthetics These last three weeks have transformed our lives, from active participants in the attractive life of, Florida retirees, into...

interrupted- finis

Day Interrupted- finis Thursday morning arrived. We were up early and ready to set out by 7 am. Rte. 41 South was decidedly crowded with the daily “...

Talking with the spirits

Conversations with the disembodied Whenever you start off an article like this, people roll their eyes and say “Oh, boy. Here we go! “But, you can...

A Day Interrupted- part II

The follow up medical routine wasn’t quite so cheery. A 12-day, after appt. with an orthopedist, confirmed that the accident had indeed caused bone...