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People are a pleasure to be around

Much needed Human interaction is missing in the “new normal” of the Covid-19 Era The eminent Psychologist, Sigmund Freud, defined “isolationism” as a...

Shopping in the Corona Era

Stick ‘em up, give me the money ! We had occasion to shop for groceries at the nearby Publix Supermarket today. It was just after Publix, like many...

Corona and the new look

Corona and the new look One of the many consequences of the assault of the Corona Virus, on our society, is a new look in hairstyles. In that all of...


CONFIDENCE Confidence is contagious. It can spread just as wildly as fear throughout a population, if we but encourage it. Ask any military commander...

Distance the night away !

“Distance the night away” “Social distancing” has become the new buzzword in the fight with the Corona Virus. It is a simple yet effective tool in...