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I have 623 stories published in one collection on the site.
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Joseph Xavier Martin

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A Christmas Past- A Dickensian celebration

Kevin Leary was a bum. He wasn’t a homeless person, nor an individual set adrift by physical or mental difficulties, he was just a plain and ordinary...

Christmas Guests

The 747 circled lazily through the patterned array of clouds that framed the blue of the Atlantic Ocean and the gray of the concrete canyons on the...

Opera lays an egg!!

When Grand Opera isn’t. The Magic of a successful, grand opera is a mystical experience. It is a poly-euphony of melodious orchestral pieces, the...

Forgotten or intentionally ignored?

The Doorway Effect Have you ever walked into another room, determined to accomplish some task or other, and when you got there, forgotten what it is...
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Remembering John Fitzgerald Kennedy- 60 years later

Remembering John F. Kennedy The Fall of Camelot It was a time of chivalry, of knights and ladies, performing like actors in an ethereal Brigadoon,...