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Joseph Xavier Martin

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The 1950's in Buffalo, N.Y.

“ A Piece of the Banner” Chapter II The 1950’s in Buffalo Within the bounds of our ethnic communities in Buffalo lay the further distinctions of...

A Series of Ethnic Villages

A Piece of the Banner Chapter I A Series of Ethnic Villages It is a place that exists more in the minds of those who live there than anywhere else...

The Education of the rascals

“A Piece of the Banner” Chapter VI The Education of the Rascals All of the kids in our neighborhood went to the local Catholic grammar school, St...

Tavern Life

"S M I T T Y ' S" Like most ethnic neighborhoods, there are a few watering holes, in South Buffalo, that act as front-line positions, in the...

Perceived Differences

Perceived Differences I remember watching the whole controversy, regarding television chef ‘Paula Deen,” play itself out on television some time back...