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Colorful idioms spice up the conversation

Colorful idioms spice up the conversation I have written before about my fascination with idioms in the English language. They are both colorful and...

Zero Sum Game

The Zero-Sum Game I have always wondered why some folks seem to resent the success of others. It would seem antithetical to the way that we were...

On The Wagon

“On the Wagon” You often hear the phrase “on the wagon” in conversation. It is usually a pithy reference to a now abstemious person who had...

Transitions of power, then and now

I wrote this analysis twenty eight years ago, when Newt Genrich and the Conservative Republicans wrested control of Congressional House of...

Annoying mental pauses in speech

After watching several well-educated staff members testify, in recent Congressional hearings, I thought I needed to comment. The use of the phrase “...