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Joseph Xavier Martin

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Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King Day Martin Luther King Day is celebrated every January 15th in America as a national holiday. Most people like me, who are of a...

Nassau, Bahamas

Sunday, December 26, 2021 Nassau, Bahamas We were up early this morning. At 5:30 A.M., we could just see the sky coloring, with the rose of predawn...

Christmas Day in the Bahamas

Fri. Dec. 25 th - Christmas Day- at sea in the Atlantic Arising early, we enjoyed coffee on the balcony, watching the sun rise over the Atlantic. The...

Bahamas-Day two

Friday, December 24 th , 2021 Christmas Eve- at sea in the Atlantic We were up at 5 A.M. It was 69 degrees out, with a light breeze seaward. The rose...

Bahama's Excursion - Day One

Bahama’s Excursion Thurs. Dec 23 rd , 2021- Day one- Estero, Florida We were up early this morning. Finishing packing, we loaded our gear into the...