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I have 477 stories published in one collection on the site.
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Joseph Xavier Martin

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Pani Shoppers

Pandemic Panic? It was just another shopping day for us. The South Beach Diet, that we are on, calls for lots of fresh ingredients. It seems like you...

Wine Country- Southern California

Temecula, Southern California’s Wine Country If you have never heard of this area before, you are in league with us. We were only tipped off to the...

Lenten Rituals

In an Irish-Catholic neighborhood like South Buffalo, New York the Friday night fish fry, served during Lent, is a ritual as unbending and as regular...

Drifting Through Winter

The air is gray and heavy with frost. The snow makes a crunching sound as you trod upon it. It is cold out, at five degrees below Zero. It is early...

Rounding Third and Headed for Home

Rounding Third Base and Headed for Home. It is now almost eleven weeks after the accident that ruined my left arm. And, it is nearly nine weeks after...