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I have 625 stories published in one collection on the site.
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Joseph Xavier Martin

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Forgotten or intentionally ignored?

The Doorway Effect Have you ever walked into another room, determined to accomplish some task or other, and when you got there, forgotten what it is...
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Remembering John Fitzgerald Kennedy- 60 years later

Remembering John F. Kennedy The Fall of Camelot It was a time of chivalry, of knights and ladies, performing like actors in an ethereal Brigadoon,...

Opinion Pieces in writing

Opinion Pieces in writing One of my books,” As I see it,” is a collection of Essays. Most of the articles in it have been published, at one time or...
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Ian- the aftermath

Hurricane Ian - the aftermath As we made our way southward, we could see various signs of Ian’s passage. In the low country of the Carolinas,...

Hurricane Ian

The Specter of Hurricane IAN Like most of America, we watched the formation and development of Hurricane Ian, as it drove relentlessly across the...