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Joseph Xavier Martin

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Rituals of The Lenten Season

In an Irish-Catholic neighborhood like South Buffalo the Friday night fish fry, served during Lent, is a ritual as unbending and as regular as Sunday...

The Oxygen Stealers

The Oxygen Stealers There are many times, during in a long life, when a conversation between others is accidentally over heard. You are usually...

Snowbirds & Sunbirds- welcome guests

It is February in Southwest Florida. The warm Florida sun presides over the gentle sway of palm trees and the rhythmic sussuration of the Seaside...

Guess who's coming to dinner?"

The silken strands of the web glistened in the morning sunlight. The dew filled in sections of the web with a silver pane of moisture as artfully...

Corona Log Entry 8/2/22

Corona Log Entry- February 8, 2022 It is a cool and foggy morning here in SW Florida. A cold front is just blowing through the area, dropping...