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I have 142 stories published in 0 collections on the site.
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Mark Kilburn

Cathedral Swans was published in Call & Response, an anthology of poems celebrating Worcester Cathedral (Black Pear Press 2020)

The Child We Can Never Have was published in Contour magazine, February 2018.

Billy Ulysses... was runner up in Abc's Poem of the Year award, 2014.

Spring was highly commended in the 2012 Larkin-East Riding poetry competition

The Ghost of Milton Friedman... won the 2012 Abc poetry competition

Nicolaus Copernicus... was published in Gold Dust Anthology, 2012

The Poet Laid Bare was published in The Big Issue, 2011

A Tea Box... was a prize-winner in the MIND poetry competition 2010

Leipzig was chosen for the 2005 Midland Arts Centre 'Short Cuts' readings & subsequently published in Gold Dust magazine, 2006


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My stories


A Tea Box, A Medal, A Bullet and A Bone

The house when he returned was a foxhole without trees, the soft bed made-up by my grandmother a lazy pool coaxing him to death. He slept on the floor, ate his meals
Gold cherry

Beautiful Fish

(i) He saw the fish on its iced steel plate. He peered through the window and met a seductive eye. His breath caught short and his eyes smeared red as the fishmonger took it up

Beachcomber's Love Song To The Sea

His sea trilby tethered with rope, hair threaded with underwater green. His sea breeches, a silvery shade of brown (fish-skin perhaps) washed by coral-fronds.
Gold cherry

Nicolaus Copernicus In My Mother's New Kitchen

The centre of it all, he says, is her Russell Hobbes kettle. Everything revolves around it - is drawn to it like the sun. And the steam that gushes forth from

Meeting Bosch at the Prado

Poem inspired by Bosch's painting "The Garden of Earthly Delights".