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Lee Trevor Burbery

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Suspended Animation

In Suspended animation No destruction or creation Nowhere and not right now I need to breathe somehow Look for the answer here To feel or not feel fear What's right is wrong sometimes

Guiding Light

I thought it was too late Resigned myself to my fate Then you just let me know Yes you just let me know You're there for me To let me be To make me see To set me free And all that hate

Mud Blood

All I know is this life And what there is to have Don't tell me it is evil It just drives good men mad My feet rush red with earth blood Are rooted to the ground We don't need any religion

Purple Haze

We live in an age of division, Do you know what you believe? I won't live in the trap of decision, Yet certainty is what I need. My beliefs are as hazy as purple, A mix up of red and blue,

There is a lot that is ugly about me.

There is a lot that is ugly about me. I hear voices, I see things, I have visions that I don't want. I look back to the past and I know, I was good once. Or was I?