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I have 209 stories published in 10 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 143804 times and 39 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Mark Ashley


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I Don't Want To Do This Anymore

Alone. I don't want to be Your sweet friend Who always listens, Who always cares, Who always lets you leave With someone more exciting. I don't want...

Human Cage

Compelled, pressured, push and prodded, Placed on a pedestal of ice, Worshiped like a winter god, An April fool about to die, I feel the world is...

G) Evidence

drag slime and shale pebble sheet black pulled across deep green dry crackle razors torn cloth patterned print plain cotton shreds torn shine like a...

End Game

Those unsuspecting seafaring men Who have unwillingly Taken the captains maggot Find themselves, Destruction destroyed, Swimming The non-specific carnal strain, Share huddled dawn On addicted streets. In phantom blankets, Jealous leeches quake. Wind swept woman, engine knocking, Staggers fuelless. Arid mildew ridden laundry Walking hazy way Imagines golden marionette And totter dances a step or two. Dream portfolio refuge flutters, Slick smile wander, Across the railway tracks By the gas works, Floating face down In screaming lakes Borrowed gentle twilight, Still burning.

Epitaph in Red

Each, a single shred, scar, scribble tattoo of shame. Each murmur, behind the crumple curtain, hiding in rustle shadow, and curious lace. There walks...