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I have 533 stories published in 24 collections on the site.
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I'm John. I live in Norwich and write poems and books and for the radio. My first full poetry collection Most people aren't that happy, anyway is published by Nasty Little Press. You can take a look at it here.

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Anyone else but you

You are phoning me, but not today, If we do talk tomorrow, which we will I'll say sorry, my phone was on silent in another room and I had an early...

What is wrong with this song?

On my first week alone I bought a guitar and wrote a song. A song a week, that's what I decided and I thought of all the instruments I could buy with...

I do things I never should do

Someone I work with keeps a happiness diary she updates ot every day. She was embarrasssed when I asked what she was writing, at the desk, beaming a...

International Flag Show

We are standing on a hill again the hill we talk about all year. We are jumping up and down to keep ourselves warm waiting to talk to a local radio...

You think that colour

You are taking off your nail varnish the wheelie bin is full of torn-off wrapping paper the plate of leftovers in the fridge will not be touched we...