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I'm John. I live in Norwich and write poems and books and for the radio. My first full poetry collection Most people aren't that happy, anyway is published by Nasty Little Press. You can take a look at it here.

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The last two minutes of normal time

I don't know why February is so short it's something to do with the moon and the evolution of calenders but it's never really made sense to me some...

Eating brie again

I'm watching all of Stanley Kubrick's films, in order, because that's something that's possible, without leaving the settee and we should take...

It's cute we used to do things at the weekends

On Sunday afternoons everyone who works in the arts had jam roly poly down their jumpers you could set your watch by their crumbs the derelict...

I refute it all.

My ex wife’s new husband doesn’t understand And I’m not writing him any more letters I can’t keep trying to find the language. Back in my kitchen I...
Gold cherry

Everyone's going to the opticians

My optician was called Ross and he was excellent. They are open until 7.30 now, and that seems late for an optician to be finishing their shift. I'd...