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I'm John. I live in Norwich and write poems and books and for the radio. My first full poetry collection Most people aren't that happy, anyway is published by Nasty Little Press. You can take a look at it here.

My stories

Sinister and bright over the land

You sold your house to find out how it would feel to sell your house and now you have nothing. The plan was to grow things but instead you're just...

Bang bang bang went the gunpowder

Everything is sad now apart from the happy things so I guess we can concentrate on those. It will all be over soon, a nun tells me, every day when I...

Cut my hair put on a shirt

You tell me about your previous client a regular, one of your first customers from 1999. You make it clear you don’t often talk about people who come...

Three key success factors for transforming your business

When someone says hi how are you? you should tell them about your drinking problem and how much you miss your brother. There's a photograph of him...

Fractured silly ankle

But let's focus on my good ankle, the one the surgeon didn't even look at I am touching it now and smiling, its tendons firm like elevator cables the...