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I'm John. I live in Norwich and write poems and books and for the radio. My first full poetry collection Most people aren't that happy, anyway is published by Nasty Little Press. You can take a look at it here.

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Like being in a snow storm without a shovel

I'd already eaten a big breakfast the day I entered the Coney Island hot dog eating contest. The house we were staying in had a good bakery down the...

Somehow the sea was always there to make you feel stupid

We have bought the campervan the only thing left now is the running away. The last customer to ever use the post office before it closed down bought...

Stupid moon

We were there for the eclipse, people say sometimes when telling a happy story about a time they were in Cornwall or the north of France with friends...

Having a heart attack. Back home later.

This film is bad but I’m going to keep watching. People have been through much worse than this My friend is in hospital she had to call the ambulance...

Darren Bett

We used to go round to dinner with a man who collected weather vanes. We'd have big Sunday lunches there. He always ate at 3pm which my mum hated but...