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I have 43 stories published in 0 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 14662 times and 7 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Miki Lowe

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the secondary residence

once for a while i had 2 sets of keys for 2 different doors. in the middle of the night, i would go and sit in my secondary residence, which was an...

will we be ugly

shall we become listless drowsy and dull like festering fruits on tables tired little hums winding down to silence with stones ,in our guts after we'...

butterflies, methelyne

At night sometimes she sits , on the edge of her window then fills up a ceramic basin to wash the dust out of her eyes. she fills a cup with more...

this is not a love poem

shall we talk about poets my one, we don't really do love poems do we, shall we talk of what we did, the meals you served at night on big white...


Lily-livered Lover I wanted lion hearts so i shaped one in clay and placed it between your lungs. And i thought of you, a long time after- until- i...