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Miki Lowe

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the plug hole of the bath

The plug hole of the bath is clogged up with soap. The bulbs of the lamps in the basement are burnt. Orange peels for ashtrays glasses of water with ash decanting, at the bottom,

oysters have long black eye lashes.

Today, you bought oysters and carried them back through town, in a see through plastic box. one was unlocked, you picked it up. had you ever looked, inside an oyster

saccharine boots

We'd all like to say, no, skin doesn't stain, that we never feel, a saccharine endearment, at the site of pretty boots, side by side , a loveable type of nausea.

Dark Horses

Dark horse walks into the room where there's no room to swing a cat Needs must when the devil drives, I put down that glass and placed a bet a skeptical dicer with eyes half closed

you drew on your cigarettes

You'd stand drawing on a cigarette with such languor and contempt. A scream of dissent, to the requirements of loss, you know, that debt that we must all at times settle.