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Miki Lowe

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To make a heart out of guts

i rolled up my sleeves and made a heart out of guts and walked up-down-up the platforms of northbound trains, i kept my finger held and pressed in a narrow aperture

The cockroaches

Your were too busy picking out The cockroaches in your mind And sweeping away spider webs, dust from clothes moths wings, off the corner of your eyes you sat

crushed ice crushed paracetamol

back in the day they say the cinema, used be a fiver now it's 10 quid for a film- 11.50 quid even so i don't go much to the cinema i crushed ice i crushed a paracetamol,

matchbox and silicone

i staggered like a bistro piller clutching a flat can in a hand and a matchbox in the other, the veins in my eyes pulsated a little i stepped on broken glass on broken silicone balls

cross hatches bad love

Cross hatches over cross hatches coffee with two sugars, and I heard, white sugar gets bleached, in phosphoric acid cross hatching, love is a disposable cardboard coffee cup,