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My stories have been read 15348 times and 7 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Miki Lowe

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When you take her out

when you take her out, you'll give her wine to drink- red wine- that will stain her lips purple and blacken the clefts between her gums and her teeth...


DAVID Dave would sit at the bar for hours, in silence, most of the time. Every now and again, I’d catch him looking over and his mouth would twitch...

Talking in litotes

'm waiting- Most of the time i'm hanging fire and hanging on the edges of luke warm conversartions why, do we talk this way where our tongues linger...

walking the plank

the city lights glowed a deep purple into the sky, the night is low over olive town trees in silent back gardens over roofs and rows, of burgundy...

Skint skint skint

i'm skint. skint skint skint bad tobacco bad shampoo bad juice but good coffee clean nails and tooth overripe peaches ants getting hungry too, you...