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I have 4 stories published in one collection on the site.
My stories have been read 2573 times and one story has been cherrypicked.

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Millicent Stephens

About the Author

Missy Stephens, born Millicent Stephens, was raised in Philadelphia, PA and is the oldest of four children.  She currently lives in Drexel Hill, PA with her husband and children. 

She is a lyricist and songwriter, who has written several songs one of which, Thinking of You, is currently on the J Wes Project Band Mystery of Love CD.  An avid reader herself, she put her talents of writing into her first romance novel series entitled, A Second Chance. 

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My stories

Game of Opposites

I want to let him go and keep him. I need him but I don’t. Some days I feel good with him there, other times I wish he weren’t. Having him around I'm...

Um, Um, Um, Yummy

I tried to fight it, but my arms were too weak, my mind to slow, my body just wouldn't respond. So, I gave up and let it be and when I did, it was...

Let it Ride

I began a journal a few months ago at the behest of one of my co-workers. She had gone through a divorce and suggested I write my feelings down each...

The Candle

Donna Walker, my best friend since high school, and her husband, Mark, had the most prestigious candle selling business on 69 th Street, the shopping...