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Off to university this October, unfortunately this means I'll be leaving a few people behind this summer. 'Nothing is captive - times spins so fast the colours are blurred.'


Sequel to 'Untouchable'. I am a walking supernova, collapsing in on myself - slowly, slowly imploding under the weight of your indifference to my existence.


So much light and colour - and the promise of spring. And it feels now as if nothing in this life will be as perfect as this moment ...

An Insomniac's Dawn

The hands of the clock wave stiffly through the small hours; a lengthy, bitter goodbye. I sit in four-cornered dark, so awake yet wrapped in a shroud that slowly slips from black to grey.


Because writing about writer's block is so in right now ;) 'My tongue fell hardest of all. This muteness spreads inwards, anger'