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I remember the way you lifted the glinting, silver pendant like a trapdoor - surprised to find a mark the metal had carved into my skin...

First Letter Home

Wotcher stranger! Remember me? Yes, I am talking like a born and bred southerner already. No more ‘blooooke’ or ‘poooost box’ – I’ve learnt to speak properly...
Gold cherry

Le Grand Départ

One, final ritual, before the 'Big Push' - 'Le Grand Départ...' I carefully remove all the posters, photos and cards from my bedroom walls.

These Are The Days

We find ourselves huddled on a bench, by the Thames, opposite Big Ben - his bright, white face mirrored, not only in the river, but in the moon, pastelled onto a cloud at his side.


We lie, entwined, in a cocoon of steamed glass. Here, held captive in one slice of an alternate reality, protected from the cold world of sluicing rain.