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Learning Curve

Sunlight dribbles down the learning curve of my back as I arch over you, bridging the gap of years, experience, and tears.
Poem of the week

Our Conspiracy of Flightlessness

And if you leave before it’s over, I will torture you with visions of my mouth when I put on mascara; my lips forming an oval then an arch like a half-sunken sun.

Who's Afraid of Pablo Neruda?

My arms began negotiations with sharp edges. But I somehow survived the winter; a fond memory leant against my door like a snow shovel.

Always Summer

I read John Le Carré below the beams of a converted farmhouse, under the arm of rural France. Light filtered in through the slats of painted wooden shutters,

Reading at the Lowe Library

Here, the sunset hangs like strips of ripened honeycomb, dripping fire onto the sill.