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And Other Acts of Masochism

Cool fingers tread carefully on my skin, circling the black hole of my navel. And those eyes are suspended above me like two strange stars in the murky galaxy of my bedroom.

The Last Liberal Democrat

I understood that Grandpa had been a militant Liberal Democrat who would have painted himself yellow and run naked though the streets of Shipley for the cause.

Misanthropist isn't in my predictive text.

(Written on my phone, November 27th, 4:30pm) I wonder what people did before they could stare broodingly out of train windows... Wrote poetry, I suppose.

Thank God I Didn’t Inherit My Father’s Nose

Just an archetypal, middle-class life with a dark-haired lawyer husband who looks remarkably like Ed Stoppard... OK, maybe an accountant who looks like Martin Freeman.

A Study in South Street

I know where I want to live when I grow up.