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Footnote For A Dissertation (1)

I am revisiting my own history as well as the history of others.

On Leaving

I am not as sentimental as I used to be. Like waiting for a delayed train, I teeter on the edge of the week, wondering if the freight load of feeling will ever arrive.


A heart-shaped jellyfish melts into the sand. Like a marble, it is glassy blue with green and purple tendrils twisting at its centre.

Espresso Martini

"a triangle of black ice with an archipelago of coffee beans dotted across its thin layer of cream. A small miracle of vodka and coffee combined - I hold it aloft like the Holy Grail."


Electra, my best friend with the electric tongue, who pretended to be eccentric and eclectic, when really she was just dull and at it for the hell of it – for fun.