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It hits me every time I come back: the smell of his soap in the bathroom.

A Supermarket in Keighley

(After 'A Supermarket in California' by Allen Ginsberg) Revision is making me see some strange things...


Now the days are as sunny as peanut butter, but I stay inside watching re-runs of Blackadder, because I loved Captain Kevin Darling before I loved you.

Don Paterson Didn't Eat His Venison

I bake her a tray of shortbread and tell her the more explicit version of ‘The Secret Life of Dragonflies’ to try and take her mind off the poisonous, unwanted orb swelling in her side.
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The Secret Life of Dragonflies

I appeared from the coffee-cup-cluttered cocoon of my room as a summer-blue dragonfly, sporting a summer-blue painted poster tube tail and paper-white pipe-cleaner antenna.