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A Local History Facebook Group

Does anyone know why 17 Borrowdale Road is missing? Every day I walk past the empty space and wonder why it’s not there. No. 13 is missing as well...

Next Door

Summer is loudest, their windows fly open, voices vault fences and enter our house. Screaming at children, beer bottles broken, cursing and knocking...


I used to think I was my own worst enemy and so did many of my friends. But I wanted to find out for sure. So I kept a diary: a record of faces and...

Game of Thrones

Corruption and deformity must haunt the major dynasty: a scheming witch, licentious imp, a severed hand, sadistic prince; suggestions of incest,...
Gold cherry

Alf Ramsey – My Part In His Triumph

Around the time Cup Finals were first shown live on TV and towers were erected overlooking our back garden with the lawn striped and manicured just...


3 of my comments have received 3 Great Feedback votes

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I think you've improved it.

Posted on Mon, 19 Oct 2020

I think you've improved it. Bit too fond of hyphenated phrases, but I liked coiled cold and sequin sounds very much. 

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Well, I wouldn't delete as

Posted on Mon, 12 Oct 2020

Well, I wouldn't delete as there's a lot to like. But the switch from Butler-Lytton to McGonagall needs a bit more finesse. Wasn't his most famous poem about a fallen bridge? Perhaps a bridge is the answer. 

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I Look Up

Posted on Fri, 10 Apr 2020

Enjoyed, the last 3 lines are lovely. Can't get my head around these lines, though -

By midnight, respite in invisibility

bar the matt absence of stars

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