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I have 30 stories published in 3 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 4443 times and 16 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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My stories

Camp Echo - Chapter 7

Chapter Seven - Relations. second edition “Jules babe your still here,” Max smiled as he entered the living room. The smell of stale smoke hung in...

Camp Echo - Chapter 6

The story so far... Max shares an apartment and a relationship with Aeriol. Max's confidant Geoffrey is no longer around, he's gone overseas, to Brazil. Jules also shares their apartment in a kind of unofficial fashion , he's always there, but he rests a mystery. Alex turns out to be the brother of Nads (Nadia). Having slept with Aeriol, he confides in him that he fancies Max. They end up in bed together, Alex and Max, but nothing happened. Nadia has a relationship with May (Mayaan), who also has a thing for Aeriol, which I guess makes Aeriol bi, and May too. Outside of these complex relationships there is Reuben, but he's also planning to move overseas, leaving behind Davy. But who exactly is Davy and why does this boy seem to fascinate Max? Our hero , is that really Max, or Aeriol, or even Jules? They've all been getting high, smoking dope, chanting in an ashram, getting off, and almost getting busted in an early morning raid. There are others too, Chester and his son Michael, whose apparently a dream, but then there's the reality of all that. Which just about brings us up to date and to this next chapter aptly titled Magic Mushrooms. Now read on...

Camp Echo - Chapter 5

Chapter Five - Exposed second edition It was a week later when nearly everyone got woken by banging and hammering on the front door. “Jesus Christ,...

Camp Echo - Chapter 4

Chapter Four - On Namah Shivaya second edition Max and Jules were sitting in the back of Aeriol's Citroen Dyane heading into town. He'd switched on...

Camp Echo - Chapter 3

Chapter Three – Aftermath second edition Max woke up with a black boy in his bed. What had happened? Geoffrey was right about one thing, Alex had a...